Weitek Consultants, a forward-thinking management consulting firm, has a rich legacy of delivering top-notch services for more than 25 years. Our satisfied clients range from SMEs and multinational corporations in the corporate sector to prominent public-sector organizations and international development partners. In the beginning it was established under the title of Weitek Group. Its consultancy wing has now been restructured and independently registered as Weitek Consultants.

We are among the select few consulting firms that provide a comprehensive range of services, encompassing Social Services, Institutional Development & Capacity Building, Technical Assistance, Survey & Research Studies, HRM/HRD, Financial Management, Transparency & Disclosure, and Information & Communication Technology. Our reputation is a source of pride, built on delivering tailored solutions with a high level of professionalism. Since our inception, Weitek has consistently excelled in both local and donor-funded projects, expanding not only our knowledge base and professional experience but also our global reach.