Gender Audit Policy



Weitek Consultants is dedicated to advancing gender equality within our organization and throughout our interactions with vendors. The Gender Audit Policy delineates our commitment to evaluating, quantifying, and enhancing gender equality across all facets of our operations.


This policy is applicable to all personnel, vendors, and stakeholders affiliated with Weitek Consultants.

Gender Audit Process

We will conduct periodic gender audits to achieve the following objectives:

a. Identify Gender Disparities: Within our organization and vendor relationships.
b. Assess Impact: Evaluate the effects of our policies, services, and structures on gender equality.
c. Develop Strategies: Devise approaches to rectify gender inequalities.
d. Measure Progress: Track advancements and adapt strategies accordingly.

Gender Audit Responsibility

The Human Resources (HR) department will oversee the gender audit process. All employees and vendors are expected to wholeheartedly participate in the audit, providing accurate data and feedback.


All data and information obtained through gender audits will be handled confidentially and utilized exclusively for the purpose of enhancing gender equality within our organization and vendor relationships.

Action Plan

Based on audit findings, we will formulate an action plan detailing specific measures to rectify gender disparities and foster gender equality. This plan will undergo regular review and updates to ensure its effectiveness.