Market Research

Information has been recognized as one of the key resources required to enhance the capabilities of an organization especially the market data i.e. consumers’ needs, comparative analysis of substitutes, competitors data, market segmentation, demographic analysis, etc. Most of the leading companies of developing countries were doing businesses according to the production approach instead of the marketing approach which proved a major hindrance in competing with the global competitors.WG emerged as the savior for desperate entrepreneurs to help them better understand the needs and wants of the consumers, so that they can offer them more attractive and cost-efficient products and services. We have quality experience of designing and conducting market research surveys for various reputed organizations at home and abroad enabling them to plan and launch their products successfully. We have an outstanding team of survey designers, statisticians, surveyors and database managers to carry out the survey and analyze the data gathered. Moreover, to undertake a large scale surveys we have linkages with professional organizations to field surveyors throughout Pakistan for timely delivery of services to our clients.