Imparting Professional Trainings

In the present era of specialization, more and more organizations are realizing the need for strengthening the capacity of personnel at all levels in order to let them carry out their responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner. Only a specialist having a quality professional exposure can impart quality training and inculcate required skill and knowledge which enables them in achieving the organizational goals.

Weitek Group has carried out the training need assessment for a number of client organizations and has an expertise in providing quality trainings in the domains of survey and research, business management, information technology, interpersonal skills and specialized areas like finance and accounting, taxation, etc.

We have successfully carried out capacity building for Government Departments, Corporate Sector Organizations, Educational Institutions and various clients according to their specific needs and demand. We have imparted quality trainings in the field of revenue and billing management, online systems’ management and interpersonal skills throughout Punjab and other parts of the country under the aegis of international development partners (IDPs). We are confident in stating that no other consulting firm has the capability to meet multifarious capacity building requirements under one roof like Weitek Group.