The developed world is witnessing a transition from manual to electronic systems in all spheres of life. In our part of the world like other developing countries, the systems are still being transformed into their computerized form. The corporate sector in general and public sector in particular is still practicing the traditional methods of paper based filing and record keeping which bears so many risks i.e. theft, physical damage due to natural calamities, inconvenience, unauthorized access, space hungriness, etc.

The need to introduce electronic data management has been recognized by visionaries and top level managers and there is an awareness level higher than ever to transform existing traditional filing systems into sophisticated e-filing systems. Weitek Group has developed computer based data management systems to support transcription of existing data into electronic format for convenient and efficient future reference and use by online databases. Moreover, we have also developed training modules to build the capacity of our clientele in E-filing of sales/income tax returns, tenders, customs clearance.